The search engine of Bigli on line offers an easy way to search — ie a full-text query without filters of the words entered in AND relationship — and an enhanced query, which allows you to define up to eight keys (three visible by default), each of which can direct the search to one of the main fields in the bibliographic record (author, title, publisher, place of publication, magazine, series, reviews, as well as table of contents, abstract) or at all, as well as to set the Boolean relation both between the words that make up each key, as between the different keys.

In the same page, there is the search for fields and for subject, which can be, in turn, by name or themes: this type of search allows the user to locate the records attributed to subjects, under each author of Italian literature from its origins to the twentieth century, but also to be able to search on the subject theme, eg. Popular literature of the thirteenth century, or Rhetoric and writing techniques, or Novella in the seventeenth century, and similar. The search for subjects can operate both independently and crossed with that for fields.

In the search mask using filters can restrict your search between a span of a few years, or a single year, and the longest arch, while the bibliographic level allows you to restrict between monograph, journal and counting.

The search can be refined, after its implementation, narrowing the list of the results using 8 additional filters: authors, bibliographic level, subjects, places of publication, publisher, year of publication, magazines, countries. The subsequent application of filters to the results can be followed by means of a history, which allows to return to each of the intermediate steps.

In this digital edition of the Bigli was also realized the unification of the reviews on the books boards or journal articles to which they relate; in the item reviewed is therefore possible to show, in chronological sequence, the list of reviews, with all the indications of the reviewer’s name and details of the magazine where the review itself is published. The “recensione a ->” report cards review that has not been possible to combine the related bibliographic objects.

Bibliografia Generale della Lingua e della Letteratura Italiana
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